Sansevieria Francisii Complete Care Guide

Sansevieria Francisii reminds me of a tree. Use some lights and you’ll get a low-budget Christmas tree (and a lot more eco friendly).

Scientific name: Dracaena Francisii


*it was shown that a sansevieria is actually a dracaena. I’m still fighting to accept this name so I’ll stick to sansevieria for this article. 😅

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care meter: 9/10

Sansevieria Francisii is very easy to deal with. Highly recommended for new plant parents or busy people.


Sansevieria Francisii prefers bright indirect light. You can also leave it outside during summer in partial shade. It actually has better chances of growing if it gets some gentle sun.

Inside you can keep it on a windowsill or anywhere is bright enough. And if you don’t have these conditions, don’t worry, this plant can totally grow under artificial lights.

It can also tolerate medium light, sansevierias are very resilient. But keep in mind, the lower the light, the slower the growth rate. We don’t recommend low to no light, no plant likes that.


Sansevieria Francisii should be watered when the soil is completely dry. Once every 2-3 weeks for reference. Like most sansevierias, this one doesn’t like water.

I water mine even less frequently, because it’s better to underwater this plant. Wet soil can lead to root rot and that’s not fun to deal with.

Sansevieria Francisii leaf details


Most sansevierias prefer average temperatures and this one is no different. Sansevieria Francisii can be kept in temperatures between 18-26°C. Don’t let it drop below 15°C, since it can affect the foliage long term.


Sansevieria Francisii likes it again, average. 40-60% is great for them. There is no need for misting, actually, don’t mist it unless you want to clean it of dust.


I like to feed my Sansevieria Francisii once a month during warmer periods of time. Usually in winter I don’t fertilize it, but if your Sansevieria is showing signs of growth, you can totally do it.

I use a NPK ratio of 10-10-10 or 20-20-20, because I like to help my plants with all the nutrients they need.


Sansevieria Francisii doesn’t like wet soil for longer periods of time. This could cause root damage and even worse, root rot.

That’s why we recommend a lightweight substrate, a mix of cacti soil, perlite and coco fiber. This mix will help the water drain fast and keep the pH levels balanced.

plastic versus terracotta

You can grow Sansevieria Francisii in both plastic or terracotta. We tried them both and it does great no matter what. It’s just a matter of preference.

low-budget Sansevieria Francisii Christmas Tree


Repot your Sansevieria Francisii if the roots are coming out of the drainage holes. You can do it anytime, but if you try in in spring or summer, the roots have better chances of recovery.

It’s best to choose a pot slightly bigger than the previous one. Sansevierias like their roots to be more crowded, so don’t double the size of the pot.


Sansevieria Francisii has an interesting growth pattern. The new pups will branch off the mother plant. That’s why you can easily propagate them by separating the new growth and put it into water or directly into soil.


This sansevieria doesn’t usually get pests. I didn’t have any pest since I have it, but it’s best to check it every time you water it. Better to spot any problem early on.


Sansevieria Francisii is not pet friendly, please keep away any curious pet from them.

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