Can you propagate multiple plants in the same jar?

Water propagation is one of the most popular and easy methods to multiply your plants at home and the best part about it is actually seeing the roots grow.

If you’re a beginner and wondering if you can use a single container to propagate a bunch of plants, there are a few things you might want to know first.

Can you propagate multiple cuttings of the same plant in the same container?

If we’re considering multiple cuttings from the same plant, you can propagate them in the same container no problem. Just make sure you change the water frequently, at least once a week, and the jar you’re using is big enough for all them cuttings.

Can you propagate multiple cuttings from different plants in the same container?

Now, if we are discussing multiple cuttings from different plant specimens, it… could [skeptical] be okay to use the same jar, but let me tell you the main reason why I wouldn’t do it.

Bacteria: One plant could be more difficult and rot easy and affect the other species as well. Or, you maybe forgot to sanitize the propagation tools, forgot to change the water, and now all your propagations are rotting.

For example: A fresh snake plant cutting placed in water could rot easily if it’s not supervised. And if you have another cutting in there, like a pothos, you will end up with both cuttings dead.

I believe that every single cutting needs it’s own clean jar, even if you have two cuttings from the same plant. This is how you ensure the success rate to go high while decreasing spreading diseases from a species to another.

If you want to know more about water propagation and how to avoid rotting, I have another video about 9 Reasons Why Your Water Propagations Always Fail which you can see below.

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