Golden Pothos Complete Care Guide

Epipremnum Aureum or Golden Pothos is the most common pothos we know. It is a great plant for beginners with minimal attention needed. The growth rate of this plant is absolutely amazing. Within a couple of years in can take on your whole wall and turn your room into a jungle.

Scientific name: Epipremnum Aureum ‘Golden Pothos’

Also called: Golden Pothos, Devil’s Ivy, Money Plant, Ceylon Creeper, Taro Vine, Solomon Islands Ivy


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care meter: 9/10

Golden Pothos is the best plant to start with. Easy care, easy everything!


Golden Pothos wants that bright indirect light to grow massive. With a great amount of light can grow insanely fast, especially if you chose to grow this plant on walls or poles.

A sign that is not getting enough light, is the lack of variegation on the newer leaves and the fact that they get smaller.

The internet is full of articles placing Epipremnum Aureum in the “low light plants” category. I can tell you from experience, that leaving this plant in a dark corner will only harm her. The major sign to look for, is the discoloration of the leaves. This indicates light depravation and the solution to fix it, is by either changing its place or by providing some artificial light source.

Epipremnum Aureum two year evolution with proper light


Epipremnum Aureum can be watered once a week during growing season. Winter means lower temperatures so it’s best to water it less frequently, once every 10 to 14 days.

Check the soil every time you water your plants. It is ideally to let the top 3-4 cm (2 inches) of soil to get dry. And remember, Golden Pothos prefers to be underwatered instead of overwatered, so if you forget to water it once, it won’t be a great deal.

If the Money Plant gets a good amount of light, the watering schedule may adjust a bit, since you can do it a bit more often. And if the light is not great, the same rule applies, with less water.


Average. Epipremnum Aureum should grow well in temperatures between 18-25°C. Don’t let it drop below 15°C, it could cause stress on the plant and lower the chances of recovery.


Golden Pothos likes it moderate, between 50-60%. It is a quite adaptable plant so it can tolerate lower humidity as well. But, for better growth, we recommend medium to high humidity.

Golden Pothos growing in average humidity


Golden Pothos needs feeding in the growing season when we see constant growth. Chemical liquid fertilizer (which are usually more available) can be used once a month.

Choose a NPK ratio of 10-10-10 or 20-20-20 for balance and use less than it’s mentioned on the bottle. Especially if it’s your first time.

During winter, the fertilizer is not needed, unless the plant is still growing. If your Golden Pothos doesn’t show signs of dormancy, you can fertilizer once or twice during colder seasons.


Epipremnum Aureum prefers a very well drained soil. The faster the water drains, the better. For this to happen, you can choose a mix containing one part of regular potting soil, one part perlite, one part coco fiber and one part pine bark. (The pine bark is totally optional, but great to add). This mix should make them roots happy, since they don’t like excessive water that could lead to rot.

root rot on Golden Pothos because of soggy soil

plastic versus terracotta

Epipremnum Aureum could grow amazing in both plastic and terracotta pots. We tried them both and succeeded with every environment. If you like terracotta better, check the soil a bit more frequently. Terracotta helps water evaporate faster, so you might adjust the watering schedule if needed.

Golden Pothos growing great in a plastic pot


The best time to repot your Golden Pothos is during growing season. If the drainage holes have been conquered by roots, then it’s time to move out. Doing the repotting during warmer seasons, will help the plant recover faster. It should also lessen the stress caused by accidental root breakage.

Another reason to repot is if the plant has poor quality soil. (Or the pH of the soil is not ideal, which is the case for peat moss). Leave the plant to adjust in your home for at least a couple of weeks, and then you can repot it your favorite airy mix.


The best propagation method for Golden Pothos is by water. Cut the plant into segments, making sure you have at least one node. If you see the axillary bud, it’s even better. The new growth will follow from this axillary bud that is usually inactive before cutting.

inactive axillary bud on Golden Pothos

Another propagation method is by leafless node cuttings. Cut your plants in leafless segments and place them in a clean container with some sphagnum moss or coco coir. Spray them with water and close the container to create high humidity and that’s it!

successful leafless node cuttings propagation on Epipremnum Aureum


Although I never had pest problems with Epipremnum Aureum, this doesn’t mean it never happens. Check the leaves periodically to spot the problems early. Some pests that could make an entrance could be thrips, spider mites or aphids. These insects need treatment as soon as possible. And make sure to quarantine the plant to prevent greater infestations.


Epipremnum Aureum is not pet friendly. It is toxic for doggos and cats and it should be placed away from them. In case of ingestion, we recommend to get in touch with the vet.

Other tips and tricks to consider:

  • Epipremnum Aureum can grow massive leaves if grown on poles. Sphagnum moss is best for that, and keeping the pole humid is essential.
  • Keep your plant clean and wipe the dust frequently. This helps the photosynthesis process. Clean leaves mean greater light absorption and this leads to happy big plants.
  • Rotate your plant every time you water it. This helps the plant grow evenly and fuller.
  • Epipremnum Aureum can be grown in water or leca as well. So if you like them in a vase, you can totally do it. Change the water at least once a week (you can also add some special nutrients) and your plant should be all set.
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