Can you Use Dehumidifer Water for Plants?

Now that winter is here, there’s a big chance you need to keep the windows closed for a longer period of time, which leads to higher humidity especially if you own more than a few plants. A good way to combat that is with a dehumidifier which leads to the question “Can you use dehumidifier water for plants?”

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Is it safe to use dehumidifier water for my plants?

Yes, if:

  • you used the dehumidifier in a clean space
  • your dehumidifier has a HEPA filter
  • the water is not older than 24 hours
  • the water doesn’t smell or look funky

No, if:

  • you used the dehumidifier in a moldy cellar or a haunted attic 👻
  • the water smells weird
  • the water is not transparent/doesn’t look pure
  • you let the water sit in the tank for too long

How to test if I can use dehumidifier water for my plants?

If you’re not entirely sure that the plants will react okay with dehumidifier water, you could test it first on less expensive plants and see how they react. If the plant looks fine, you can continue using the dehumidifier water for other plants as well.

If your experiment turns a bit bad and your plant has a problem (and you can confirm that it’s from the dehumidifier water) then it’s time to stop using it and maybe try to repurpose it for the mop bucket or something similar. You could still definitely use it for other purposes but not for plants.

Can I use dehumidifier water for edible plants?

BIG NO! I know this is kinda obvious but I have to say it: please don’t drink it, and please don’t use it for edible plants, because you don’t know for sure what type of materials they used for the parts that get in touch with the water. But for sure they are not food grade/food safe.

Can I use water from a passive dehumidifier (salt dehumidifier) for plants?

No! And you shouldn’t use one either as they are useless with high levels of humidity.

Can I mix dehumidifier water with tap water?

Yes, and it’s actually a great idea to do it, especially at the beginning,

Is it necessary or safe to add fertilizer to the dehumidifier water?

It’s a great idea to add fertilizer as the dehumidifier water is somewhat similar to distilled water and it doesn’t have any minerals in it.

What to look for when buying a dehumidifier for your plants?

Make sure it’s big enough for your room, if you’re not sure, ask the seller and they should guide you to the right one. If you buy a dehumidifier too small for your space, there’s a big chance it won’t do much. Or you’ll have to use it nonstop and that wouldn’t be very friendly with the energy bill.

The water tank should be able to hold at least 2 liters of water, otherwise, you’ll have to empty it too often and it becomes a chore.

If it has some kind of filter, at least a mesh filter, if not a HEPA or charcoal, that would be great also.

I had great results with dehumidifier water for my plants, and I try to recommend as often as possible, but please be aware that different plants can react in different ways, they are live beings after all. There’s a chance this advice won’t work for your plants.

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