about plantsbutbetter

what is pbb? 🌡

plantsbutbetter is a small plant shop based in Europe. It was initially supposed to start in January 2020, but let’s say a lot of things happened that made the launch impossible. In 2022 I decided to pull the trigger, even if it’s probably the worst time possible to start a new business. πŸ˜…

We aim to deliver healthy and happy plants with complete guides that are fun and easy to understand.

Right now we deliver only locally, but we take into consideration shipping inside the European Union.

who is adina? πŸ€Ήβ€β™€οΈ

The human behind the camera is a determined introvert that likes to help people, loves plants, pets all the cats (PRO Cat Petter 2x🌎 Champ*), enjoys editing videos and reading no B.S. self-help and manga.

I look out for ways to improve, and I found that growing plants brings me joy. In my free time I try to keep up with new anime and I test different asian food recipes.

latest guides πŸŽ“

latest on YouTube

On our YouTube channel you’ll find a ton of plant related content: detailed guides, behind the scenes, tips&tricks, vlogs and more.
Even if our plantshop delivers only locally (at least for now), the content will always be in English so that it helps as many plants lovers as possible.

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